A new campaign everday: IPL ka jaadu chal gaya

The seventy days extravaganza that IPL is having is also a testing time for the advertising fraternity. For them the real challenge is to keep the audience glued to the seats, in between over, and between the balls, and to do that they are throwing up interesting campaigns. For the creative guys in the advertisement fraternity it is the most creative 70 days of their creative lifetime. Every single day there is one new campaign for a product.

The biggest initiative in this direction has been taken by the Vodafone Company, which is coming out with new Zoozoo advertisements on a daily basis. It is followed by Havells, Airtel as also Idea, which is trying to live up to its innovative streak associated with its brand.

These seventy days could indeed turn out to be Super Bowl for India, as it happens in the USA. Though it started in a small manner with the first chapter of the IPL now with the third season on anvil, it has really come into own and has evolved.

For the students of Indian advertisement there is no better opportunity than to study the IPL advertisements and project a trend of the socio-economic dynamics as it is evolving. Keeping with the spirit of the game, where every match is showing some innovative paradigm, the advertisement campaigns for IPL are following a different trajectory as compared to advertisements in the other related arenas.

If Zoozoo is coming up with a new campaign on a daily basis, Idea is not far behind. It has given a new lexicon to the art of messaging classifying it as” oongli cricket”, and everyday there is a new innovative message to entice the audience into SMSing. While the jury may be out, as to whether it is a form of gambling, the campaign has caught on as it is devised in an eclectic manner, where an earthy person is juxtaposed against a modern female and Abhishek Bachchan is the moderator.

In the same manner Airtel has devised its campaign of “ Baat karne se hi baat banti hai”, and Sharman Joshi indeed would be feeling blessed by his association with Airtel as the kind of recall he is having through his association with Airtel would be envy for any emerging star trying to make his foothold in the entertainment industry. IPL indeed is interesting times for the advertisement industry as also for the creative guys in advertising industry.

By: Suman Rai

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