Art of marketing redefined in IPL 2010

Last night while watching the match between Delhi Dare Devils and Kings XI Punjab I rushed to have a bottle of Bisleri. The label of the bottle appeared to be slightly different and I fired the vendor for passing a fast buck and selling spurious brand. He was adamant that he was selling a genuine bottle, and that I should see the bottle before blaming him. Then I scanned the label of the bottle with full concentration and was stuck with the ingenuity. The label of the bottle was being used to spread finer nuances about cricket. As they say, message is in the medium, so the company to spread cricket literacy is using the bottle of Bisleri. It is a smart move, as, apart from spreading cricket literacy, the effort would also increase the brand registration of the product in the mind of the viewer in a jiffy.

Cricket stadiums have become so much security conscious that one cannot even carry own drinking water inside, exceptions to the rule being the VIP stands, but there the need to carry it does not arise at all. So per force a fan has to buy the bottle from the stadium and in the melee of bottles on display, how can one product stand out! It can only stand out through this innovative approach to position the brand.

The idea to use the panel of water bottles to promote the cricket nuances must have been imbibed from the advertisements that the batsman display on their cricket bats. The only difference that instead of doing a surrogate advertisement the label of the bottle is being used to create awareness about the finer nuances of the game.

One does not know whether this is a moment of disruption in marketing a bottle of water aligning it with a sports event, but indeed is an interference that can be capitalized for other sporting events as well. It also would create a committed brand of fan following for the brand, and any brand manufacturer would give his right arm to achieve the same.

Its wider manifestation could be seen in the T20 World Cup and also in the Football World Cup that follows the T20 World Cup. While the fans are mad about the game, if the finer nuances of the game are explained through the bottle, indeed the fans would become more so engaged with the game.

By: Suman Rai

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