Bane of Practice Pithches

If one would have observed, during the matches of the IPL in the third season played at Brabourne Stadium the bowl suddenly bounced in presence of the fielder who may have anticipated it to field, but to his utter surprise finds that suddenly the ball has hit a trajectory and it has taken off. It occurred quite a large number of times at the Brabourne Stadium.

The awkward bounce that the players where experienced was on account of the practice pitches adjacent to the match pitch whose contours were not labeled off in the desired manner so that the pitches submerged into the ground. Here the pitches were having an elevated position as compared to the surrounding ground, and so the bowls were bouncing awkwardly on a regular basis.

No other pitch anywhere in the country during the course of IPL matches has seen occurrence of the phenomenon of this kind, as it has been noticed in the Brabourne stadium. One only wonders whether the authorities who have been vested with the responsibility to inspect the pitches as also the ground factor in this issue in while awarding certification to the pitch as being match fit.

With the IPL matches being high-intensity matches and players ready to dive for each and everything that is on offer, these kind of ground conditions do not help in their efforts and initiatives. Besides, it could also lead to dropping of the fielders from subsequent matches on account of sloppy fielding, though the player concerned may not have been responsible for the lapse on the filed.

One wonders whether the authorities have taken notice of this and are giving a thought to it so that the incident does not happen in any matches hence that have been planned at the Brabourne stadium.

In Mumbai there already is an issue of skirmish between the two stadiums in use these days, i.e. the Brabourne and the D Patil stadium, D Patil being a new stadium offers world class facilities, while CCI seems to be lacking on this front. It would not be out of place to mention here that the regular cricket stadium of Mumbai, Wankhade stadium is undergoing revamp. Once it is renovated, Mumbai would have three world class stadiums and it could become a problem of plenty, and the reference points that would decide the selection of the ground would include the ground facilities as the deciding factor. May be the concerned authorities should have taken a notice and cleared this blimp before next match is played there.

By: Suman Rai

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