Buddha also is emotional

He is considered Mr. Cool who never gets flustered in any situation, but the Chennai Super Kings captain and the Indian Skipper Mahinder Singh Dhoni was at his fulminous best when he slammed Irfan Pathan for two consecutive sixes in the match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab. It was for the first time that the CSK captain displayed such kind of raw emotions while being under the spotlight of the television cameras beaming the image all around the world.

Was it the scorn heaped against his captaincy in the media that was the cause of provocation and which made him express his emotions in the public, knowing fully well that it would not escape the eyes of the prying camera! But the moot point is how long would he continue to face the flake and not express his emotions. It indeed is the pent up feeling inside him that found expression as an outcome after he hit the ball for six. May be, it was also an expression about setting at rest the doubts that people had started having on his abilities to lead his team as also in his execution process as a match finisher.

Interestingly enough, Dhoni had commented on the eve of the previous victory that his team had achieved, that when the franchise is spending so much money in a player it becomes a moral responsibility of the players as well to stand up and rise to the occasion.

While the setting of Dharamshala may have been anachronous to express such emotions, Himachal being the dev bhumi or the land of gods, may be gods would have given him the wisdom to express the emotions so that his mental semblance does not loose its cool demeanor.

It is also a signal for his teammates that they have to perform or Dhoni may put their necks in the firing line either through his oral fuselage or otherwise. May be, it was a reality check for the team, as it sailed with panache in the semi-finals, and is a warning that the players of his team have to shape up for the final assault on the summit or else their necks may be at the altar when the team is to be picked up for the fourth season.  As a captain it is an assertion of his authority for the CSK as also a forewarning to the players of the Indian squad for the T20 World Cup as well.

By: Suman Rai

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