Cricket no more gentle man’s game

The purists must be chafing in their seats, but they be damned. IPL has also emerged as a programme that has broken down the barriers of gender as far as watching cricket matches is concerned. It is no more a male pastime, as women have also imbibed it in a big way.

It is a manifestation of the changing profile of women in the country. The average profile of the women in India is a construct dominated by young women and these young women represent a cosmopolitan India and have grown with cricket happening around them. So they have had its feel, and with the IPL brand of cricket providing engagement only for three and a half hours on a daily basis, and also coming to a logical conclusion at the end of the day, unlike the serials where the mystery continues to attain myriad formations on a daily basis, women seem to have taken IPL in a big way. Obviously, there is no regret or pressure to catch up with the next episode, as each episode of match is self contained.

The figures are self illustrative, and they have been provided by TAM. TAM has come to the conclusion that the viewership among women has increased to more than 4.3 and is nearly the same figure as it was in the inaugural chapter of the IPL. Incidentally, during the second season of the IPL it had dropped to 3.8, probably owing to the fact that the matches were being played in South Africa.

It is an interesting development and for the IPL organizers it opens a new category of marketing of products, women specific products that can now safely be promoted through IPL matches. Right now it is only the Fiama De Willis campaign that is being broadcast with prominence, but with the TAM figures out, new strategy by the marketers indeed would come out to catch the eyeballs as the season reaches its crescendo.

Women have broken into one more bastions which was guarded with zeal by the male as they felt the presence of women as ultra dig. The catalysis for women lapping up IPL could also be owing to the ownership of the clubs, there are three prominent women at the helm of affairs in the form of Neeta Ambani, Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty, women representing a new India where they do not hesitate twice to break traditional notions. Cheers to IPL.

By: Suman Rai

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