Curse of a woman on the IPL

An SMS is doing the rounds that it is one woman who has brought the nemesis of IPL and reduced Lalit Modi to ashes. Analogies are also being drawn from history about other such incidents where women have been the catalyst for turning the tides in the history. Particular reference in this SMS has been made to Draupadi and Sunanada Pushkar.

But does it not speak about the kind of attitude that we as a country have towards the woman. Was Sunanada really responsible or became the trigger for the downfall of Lalit Modi,

Well, if in his over zealousness Modi had not thrown caution to the winds and had not tweeted about the l’ffaire bidding of the IPL would the world have come to know about the whole affair? In a way, Sunanda may have been responsible in some manner for the changes in the operational dynamics of the IPL, but it was a trigger. The manner in which the whole affairs were conducted in the IPL the can of worms had to burst open.

The manner in which the whole women community is being painted as unreliable and fickle in which the secrets cannot be confided into, is a clear pointer to the notions that still continue to dominate the average male psyche inspite of women having proved at so many different points with so much panache. May be, the scorn manifests from this only, as her success is not liked by her male brethren so they again go back to the old notion of fickle and unreliable behavior of the woman to get back at her.

The initiators of the SMSs forget that none of the team where women are at the helm of affairs have been mired in controversy of any sorts whatsoever, be it the Mumbai Indian, Kings XI Punjab or for that matter Rajasthan Royals.

It is always very easy to malign the reputation of a woman and it is very difficult for her to resurrect it later as the society still si predominantly a male dominated society. It therefore is imperative that before making comments of these kinds even in the domain of the cyber world, the initiators should understand that they also have women at home and how will they feel about the canard that is spread against whole community whose identity is defined primarily by gender.

By: Suman Rai

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