Dissection of pathetic performance of the Indian Cricket Team

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Lots of argument is being raised about India’s shabby performance in the ICC World Cup as India has finished at the rock bottom. One of the arguments that have emerged as the recurring motif is, whether our batsmen are so incompetent that they are not able to handle one bouncer in an over. Normally a batsman in the 20-20 version of the game does not last for more than 5-6 over, and if he faces all the balls for argument sake, then in total, he has only to face six balls, as only one bouncer is allowed per over. Now for Indian batsmen who are playing at the international level, if they are not able to handle one bouncer per over, then one should not play international cricket at all.

If one is not able to face one bouncer in an over, what will these batsmen would be able to do when they would be faced with a volley of bouncers in the test matches.  Comments have also been raised about the fatigue that the players have undergone playing in the IPL matches and therefore have not performed at optimum levels. One could have understood if the tournament was a fifty over or more than a fifty over match. A 20-20 over match winds in a matter of four hours and when the players are playing at the international levels they have to be match fit to be at least in the ground continuously only for two hours.  If the Indian players are not able to be in the ground and perform at their best for two hours, then the board needs to have a relook into the team composition on an urgent basis.

Now the ball therefore is in the selectors’ court to do some hard thinking and do some surgery in the Indian team. One player who needs to go to the drawing board i.e. in the ground to practice is Yuvraj Singh. His mind does not seem to be in the game at all. If his recent appearance is to be seen, he has grown a goatee, and it is for the first time that he has grown a goatee. The real reason for growing goatee is to hide the double chin, but the facial reconstruction cannot hide the fact that he is all at sea.  One also needs to unravel the Rubicon of an entity called Ravinder Jadeja as he came with an abysmal performance during the last ICC World Cup and doing the encore in this ICC World Cup as well.

Would the Indian Selection Board bite the bullet?

By: Suman Rai

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