Field Mike makes its debut in the IPL

If the viewers would have noticed, when Herschelle Gibbs of Deccan Chargers took to the ground, one of his ears was taped to a wire and he was muttering something or the other on it intermittently. Well, it was the field mike or the portable mike, which has now become a part of other team events around the world, and is surely making its presence felt in cricket in a gradual manner.

Today again in the match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians it was Graeme Smith who was chattering with Ravi Shastri about the game while fielding on the ground. Game of cricket seems to be warming up to live reporting from the ground by the players as it adds to the charm of telecast as well. What it does is that it can keep the interest of the viewers riveted as the reporting from the live action by the participant is a luxury that few aficionados would like to miss. It is like Sanjay commentating from the ground about Mahabharata. As a matter of fact these are indeed modern day Sanjay’s who could really become a sine quo non for cricket as the increasing interface of technology becomes a part of life for the game of cricket.

Soul of Hansie Cronje and Bob Woolmer must be exorcised and feeling redeeming, as in the international cricket they were the first player and coach duo that interacted with it. The occasion was the World Cricket Cup in London, and the effort had invited lots of flake and Hansie Cronje had to remove it. Now the ball time has reached full circle. It could open a new source of revenue for the players fielding on the ground, as ground reporting would indeed add meat to coverage which no reporting would be able to match.

Having said so, it would indeed be a daunting task to develop a model of this kind, as it would invite flak from the authorities who may not like the momentum of game to be disturbed as it could lead to betting and other such activities during the course of the match.

Though these are teething troubles, some working model would indeed develop as it has the definite potential to give a new direction to the game of cricket. It could also invite interesting comments from the fielders and enliven the proceeding when they are gravitating to boredom.

By: Suman Rai

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