Guest party undergoing change

After every match the guest party that does the honors of distributing various awards to the winning and losing teams is whose who from the cricketing world as also from the entertainment world. However, the profile of this party has turned a new leaf. Be it at the award ceremony of the match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab, or that between Delhi Dare Devils, and Deccan Chargers, it was found that the presentation comprised of a senior member from judiciary. It is a rare occasion when a member of judiciary has agreed to be a part of the presentation party in a public prgramme. But it being IPL anything can be experimented with seems to be the operating mantra.

Should one read between the lines for this new development! Or wait for composition of the present party of the semi-finals and the finals to arrive at a definite conclusion. One thing is for sure, the change in the presentation party, is with the primary objective of cozing up to the judicial authorities, as l’ffaire of IPL turns murkier. The way things are panning out, it is for sure that judicial intervention would indeed be required; therefore it is better to have the judicial authorities on one’s own side.

From this perspective it indeed is a smart move and could prove to be beneficial for the IPL authorities when situation turns murkier. While for Himachal Pradesh, one can understand that finding list of celebrities could be a tad difficult, for Delhi the argument indeed needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, as Delhi is full of celebrities and most of them would like to hog the limelight at the drop of the hat, if they are provided the opportunity to do so.

IPL as a tournament is slowly gravitating to acquire the shape of a reality show where everybody wants to be in the party. As its spread is increasing, one does not know who could be beneficial at what point of time to allow the show to go on smoothly, so it indeed is a better idea to keep all the quarters in the loop. Besides, this move could also be a signal to the politicians as well, to keep a safe distance from the tournament.

The desire only is to have a commoner to present the awards to the cricketers then it would really become an inclusive programme. Would it happen in near future?

By: Suman Rai

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