Hair raising by the cricket players and the associated officials

Were it not for the quotient of glamour may be a Harsha Bhogle or a Virender Sehwag would not have bothered to give a thought to the disappearing mane over their heads. From being baron lands, Harsha Bhogle’s head is a luxurious display of hairs all over, and one does not know whether Harsha had such growth naturally and lost them, and now Sehwag following the suit, the idea seems to be to add a new dimension to thier persona.

Do hairs on the heads, then, matter so much, or is it that the media focus is the catalytic factor that is egging more and more players to give serious thought to not allow thier heads to be devoid of the hair either through natural processes or by harnessing the benefits of technology.

Obviously there indeed is a quotient of glamour associated with thick mane of hairs on the head flowing in the wind. It all started with Imran Khan when he allowed his hairs to grow and fly in the wind while he used to run down the pitch to hurl his missiles. In case of India glamour came to be associated with hair with the advent of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his flowing manes. Nobody would have got so much media bytes as Dhoni got, when he cut his flowing mane, but them a tapering look in the back. His hair style is the most copied hair style in the country. His protégée Saurabh Tewari continues with the Dhoni look of flowing mane.

But one can notice another contrast that is discernible in the cricketers from western countries, be it England, Australia or South Africa. Most of them are keeping a close crop or a fully shaved head and the growth of hair now manifest on the face. Can something be deduced from this facial transformation? Well, one thing that is clearly discernible is that the cricketers from western countries are not at all bothered about their appearances but give priority to their game. Or, as cricket is not a sports that commands such a fan following in their own countries, that they have to be prim and proper, they do not bother much about their appearance. But in India  where cricket is an all round affair what with endorsements and appearances in public functions, looks indeed matter and therefore hairs are also getting same amount of attention by the Indian players as does the game.

By: Suman Rai

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