IPL 3 continues to pursue social issues, but in a restrained manner

Between the break in every IPL match in the third season a competition is conducted for the spectators that has been christened as Karbon Kamaal Catch where a ball is tossed among few spectators and the first person who catches it is the winner of the Karbon Kamaal catch of the day. The winner gets a Karbon mobile phone, while the owners of Karbon Company contribute Rs. 25000 for Breast cancer awareness and amelioration fund.

In the same manner, Neeta Ambani owner of the Mumbai Indians makes it a point to bring the school children belonging to the underprivileged category to the matches where Mumbai Indians are playing and tries to create awareness about the cause for which she is working.

There is probably no other tournament in the world where the platform of the tournament is used to create awareness about the social issues as also the platform of IPL is used to associate with the cause so that more public could come and associate with it. The idea of latching on a social cause with the IPL platform is based on the understanding that any cause that is associated with cricket would get the support from cricket mad public in India.

The initiative during the current year of promoting social causes however is subdued as compared to what was done by IPL during the second season in South Africa. To refresh the memory during the second chapter of IPL in South Africa, after the end of every match a school from the province where the match was played was selected and a certain amount of money was given by the IPL authorities to promote the cause of education in that school.

If it can be done in India on a large scale why can it not be done on the same scale in India as well? After all, education is one area where government is trying to mobilize all its efforts to widen the literates in the country. If the IPL takes initiative to associate itself with cause of education in India as well, as it did in South Africa, there would not be a dearth of corporate houses also to join in for the cause.

The season in its third version is still opening up and quite a lot of matches are yet to be played so the authorities could think about taking an initiative of this kind and by this single act of goodwill it would be able to silence the critics.

By: Suman Rai

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