IPL and the Brand Value

Chirau Amin the new Commissioner of the Indian Premier League is indeed correct in his observation that the new season of the IPL, i.e. the fourth season would be bigger and better than the IPL in the third season, and it would be cleaned of all the skeletons associated with it. IPL as a brand has been valued at more than $ 4 billion. It is a league that still is a toddler when one compares it to other such initiatives of different genres of sports around the world.

Let’s compare it with the National Football League of US. NFL has been in existence for more than fifty years; still it has reached the valuation of around $4 billion now. Now imagine what value proposition IPL can attain if it continues to expand in the manner in which it has evolved during the last three seasons. May be, Chirau Amin has been correct in his observation from this perspective, that IPL is one brand that has been associated with a resurgent and emergent India and therefore it should not be mired in controversies of any kind or any form.

Such is the frenzy associated with the brand that IPL news is given precedence before all the form of news in all forms of media and politics has been pushed to the background. Could this be one of the reasons why politicians are unhappy with its progress, as they are not able to get the foothold in the desired manner?

One thing that needs to be underlined is the IPL is a success story that has been fired by the inputs from the Indian corporate houses. It is a test case to the world about the success and the progress that the Indian corporate houses have achieved and it is a platform for the world to understand that Indian corporate success story is not a flash in the pan.

Just like China had used the Olympics to unravel to the world the progress that it has made as a country, India should use the platform of IPL to inform the world the same.

Chirau Amin’s quote needs to be appreciated as he must have drawn inspirations from more such leagues going kaput after making an impressive debut, mired as they were with corruption and he would not like IPL to go the same way. Fortunately, the Indian public has not shown any decline of interest and lessening of the passion associated with it. Therefore, it is more so imperative that needful is done at the earliest.

By: Suman Rai

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