IPL merchandise of the local variety

Roaming at the weekend in the Big Bazaar shopping Mall in Oberoi Mall in Goregaon Mumbai, I came across neatly laid out new brand of toothpaste Sach. Curiosity got better of me, and I picked it up, and lo presto, it was toothpaste named after Sachin Tendulkar. Indeed brand Sachin has arrived manifest from the fact that it was the product that was disappearing fast from the shelves. It could be the first example where a product in FMCG category has been named after a playing icon and has become a hit. Well, this is brand Sachin. As a matter of fact when history of IPL in the third season would be written, the fact that would come out in stark motif would be evolution of brand Sachin as a distinct category during IPL in the third season. It is the first instance where his name has been used to push a brand, though brand Sach came into vogue as a merchandise apparel long time back in various Big Bazaar stores. As a matter of fact Sachin Tendulkar is the brand manager for Big Bazaar, and the strategy adopted by Big Bazaar to push its own products through its outlets, is indeed going to receive a major fillip.

During the third season of the IPL, quite a lot of innovative products are making rounds in various stadiums across the world. One of the most predominant motifs of IPL is the trumpet that suddenly blares when the proceedings start getting dull, and it energizes the audience. The sound of trumpet reminds one of the matches being played in the Caribbean category.

An innovative product that is on display in quite a large numbers in the matches played in Mumbai is the pair of horns that glows in the candlelight and lights the environment in a pale blue ambience.

A deodorant has also been launched by players of the likes of Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan, but it has not caught the imagination of the fans probably owing to the fact that the fortunes of the team in terms of their cricketing performance is in bad shape.

During the IPL matches so far, only those products have gained success that are associated with the winning team. A team that is getting banged, inspite of having good players has been left by the fans as well, as the fans are not buying merchandise of a losing team.

So in the end one can say a product that is launched on the eve of IPL would only gain acceptance if a player from a winning team endorses it.

By: Suman Rai

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