Kolkata Knight Riders – only team from east

There is a saying in the academic circles that whenever a revolution happens, the trigger is provided from East. Could it be the reason why there is only one team from East in the Indian Premier League, Kolkata Knight Riders, which inspite of not being a success in terms of winning the matches, has broken even.

Therefore, for the curtain raiser of the Indian Premier League in its third season would have Kolkata Knight Riders taking on the winners of the last season Deccan Chargers. An issue worth pondering however is why have the corporate biggies from the East not aligned their fortunes with Kolkata Knight Riders. After all, would they be getting a better brand ambassador than Shah Rukh Khan to endorse their products indirectly, by virtue of their association with Kolkata Knight Riders?

Is it also an indication of neglected marketing attempt on the part of the organizers of KKR as well? It could have happened, may be owing to the fact that KKR has already broken even so there was not much clamour to search more brand promoters to associate with KKR.

However it needs to be emphasized, that with the third season on the anvil, the consolidation of the identity of the club brands would take place and the time is indeed opportune to start thinking once again. From pure economic logic, there is no big brand than KKR from East India that has a pan Indian presence, and could give prominent publicity to all the brands that are whose who in Eastern India.

From the repertoire of KKR the most significant absence is that of tea garden companies. Tea gardens in Eastern India are now on a revival mode and it indeed is the opportune time for them to latch on to the brand KKR to create a retention value for their brands, which they are trying to revolve and consolidate.

Marketing is all about being first off the block to catch the eyeballs. It would be beneficial for both the team as also the tea garden owners to create a buzz year around. A new tourist season is starting, and North East is the place that has footfalls from English people in quite a large numbers, and they are cricket fanatics, so why not attempt a new business strategy?

By: Suman Rai

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