Lagaan at work again in IPL

Though Kolkata Knight Riders may have lost comprehensively to Chennai Super Kings yesterday, their spin bowler, Abdulla indeed provided some form of entertainment during the match. While bowling to Murali Vijay, he bowled a ball that bounced just ahead of his bowling crease and it took ages to reach Vijay, who incidentally had to adjust his shot twice to play it. One thought that the ball might have shifted out of Abdulla’s hands but he delivered the same kind of ball while bowling 5th bowl of his over.

The manner in which the bowl was bowled by Abdullah reminded the parallel from film Lagaan. In Lagaan the character kachra used to deliver the bowl in the same manner by making it bounce near the bowlers crease. It had foxed the English batsmen in the film. Murali Vijay was also initially stumped but later on he read it very well, and dealt with it in a competent manner.

The performance of Abdulla reminded of the incident that happened in a distant past in a match between New Zealand and Australia. In this match, Greg Chappel who was captaining the Aussies asked his younger brother Trevor Chappel to bowl an underarm bowl to the Kiwis to deny them victory.

The match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings also saw another bowling feat by the of-spinner Ashwin that won him man of the match award. Had it not for the foresight of the umpire Ashwin would have earned a head trick, but even then he bagged four wickets. It was revealed by him during the award distribution ceremony that he had mastered the craft of bowling off-spin with the new bowl by practicing with the tennis bowl and was using his height to master the spin bowling to perfection.

Had it not been IPL no spin bowler worth his thought would have given a thought to become an opening bowler, but it has now become a norm. Underlining the importance that IPL is introducing into the game of cricket, even Kevin Pietersen, the English player commented that the English bowlers are losing out on a valuable opportunity to learn the finer nuances of bowling as it is being exhibited in the IPL in the current season.

Indeed as Navjot Singh Sidhu says horses for the courses, so IPL has emerged as the platform where each match unfolds a new experiment, that apart from giving the viewers value for money, also turns all the predictions topsy turvy.

By: Suman Rai

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