Mannerisms of Captain

Gone are the days when the captains of the respective teams, when their chips are down maintain a cool demeanor, keeping in conformity with the covenants of cricket as being a gentleman’s game. Now as the proceedings start swinging like a yo-yo, the expressions of the captains in the international arena also oscillate in the same manner. The only exception to the rule is the Indian cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who just shrugs his shoulders but otherwise never shows any emotions. He has only been profuse in expression of his emotions during the last league match in the IPL at Dharamshala when he led his team to the semi-finals. It was a clear manifestation about the fact that thier indeed is a limit up to which he also can withstand pressure. Another captain who falls into the same category is captain of England Paul Collingwood, who rarely displays an emotion on the ground.

A new species of captains has emerged during last few years characterized by nail chewing when proceedings start going out of the hand. The initiator of this class in all probability was former Indian captain, and captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders – Sourav Ganguly. Other prominent members of this category include Graeme Smith and Daniel Vittori, in fact the propensity to keep on chewing the nails has manifested in a big way with Vittori. Vittori has also developed a habit of picking up his nose when the proceedings start slipping away from his hands. He does not know that by resorting to this tendency in front of the cameras he is reducing his fan following among the women as it is one of the habits that women find really disgusting.

Earlier there was a breed among the captains of chattering on a regular basis and its biggest proponent was Ricky Ponting who is really a motor mouth on the ground, and Shahid Afridi seems to have taken a leaf out from Ponting’s book. After each bowl being bowled Shahid Afridi tries to talk with his bowlers, players and everybody, in the process of delaying the proceedings of the match.

There is no other game in which captains display these kinds of mannerisms. It is probably owing to the fact that in cricket a captain gets a time to think and ponder, as the proceedings are not continuous and there is an interregnum between two balls. As cricket provides the luxury mannerisms evolve.

By: Suman Rai

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