Piyush Chawla justifies his inclusion in the Indian T20 cricket team

Lots of hue and cry was raised when Piyush Chawla was selected by the Indian Cricket Selection board ahead of Amit Mishra and Murali Karthick to be a part of the Indian cricket team for the ICC T20 World Cup. The selectors wisdom was called into questions, and all kind of insinuations were raised against the selection committee, in particular against the Chairman, K. Srikanth.

But the performance of Piyush Chawla should shut the mouth of the critics with the Fevicol ka jod, as the critics would now have to eat crow. Piyush Chawla has given a scintillating performance with the ball. To be able to concede only 16 runs in a 4 over spell, more so in an IPL formation, world not have been a thought that would have occurred in the minds of even the purists. AS a matter of fact this kind of bowling figures have been a rarity even in test matches and one –day internationals for the spin bowlers.

As a matter of fact, after inclusion of Piyush Chawla into the Indian squad, he has simply raised the bar on his performance and has become the pivot of success of Kings XI Punjab.

When Sunil Gavaskar was asked about his inclusion, and whether the selectors had committed mistake by including Chawla in the squad, he had commented that the critics need to understand that any selection of a player is a conscious decision arrived at after considerable discussion among the board members, and one individual cannot be singled out for success and failure of a player.

It goes without saying that Srikanth had to receive lots of flake for including Murali Vijay in the Indian team ahead of Robin Uthappa, but Murali has justified his inclusion in the Indian team.

The problem with cricket in India is that there is a lot of passion involved and immediately conjectures and ideas start floating in the wind. Owing to the kind of money that is at stake, even the common public has become expert in airing their views on each and every matter associated with Indian cricket.

One only hopes that with the next round of bidding going to start for the fourth season of the IPL Piyush Chawla could get an opportunity to work with one of the foxiest traders in the business of leg spin bowling Shane Warne and learn few tricks from him.

By: Suman Rai

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