Preity Zinta makes debut with Dhoni: Portent of things to come

In a coup of sorts, Emami group of companies, which is coming out with a new brand of edible oil has roped in Preity Zinta and Mahinder Singh Dhoni to become its brand ambassadors. Is it also reflective of the loss of marketing viability and potential of Yuvraj Singh or is it indicative of the things to come in the IPL?

New franchise of the IPL, i.e. the owners of the team at Pune and Kochi have demanded that after the three year clause is over, the brand icon players in various franchises should be available for bidding and transfer to new clubs. If it were not done, then it would indeed become difficult for them to recoup the investments that they have made in the teams.

It could also open up new brand endorsements as well. If Preity Zinta has agreed to be a part of campaign with Dhoni, does it mean that Dhoni could be shifting base to Chandigarh or can it be construed that Preity Zinta is gravitating to a decision of giving away the stake that she holds in Kings XI Punjab and instead focus on her career. If either of these cases were not the operative reference, then the endorsements in which they both would appear would be slightly anachronous. It would be on account of the fact that the brand equity that Preity enjoys these days is on account of the ownership of Kings XI Punjab and not because of the brand equity that she has in the world of Hindi cinema, as her cinema career seems to have reached its plateau stage.

But if the IPL authorities agree to re-bid of the players, then the IPL in the fourth season could become a veritable affair. Who knows a Yuvraj Singh might become a captain of either a Kochi or a Pune team and could bring in his peers to play under him. Or for that matter Dinesh Kartik could return to Chennai to lead Chennai Super Kings, if Dhoni decides to move out, as he has displayed his prowess as a captain standing in for Gautam Gambhir.

Another advertisement campaign that could become a sure-fire hit is that between Shilpa Shetty and Shane Warne. Warne has already introduced the pizza culture in the land of dal-bakri and a pizza company might lap both of them to position their product.

Somebody however has to think about using the services of all the players for a social cause, as their outreach is immense.

By: Suman Rai

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