Shot Selection: Redefined in IPL 3

Is IPL about rush of adrenalin to throw the ball out of the ground, or is it a cool headed approach that makes the things count? Well, if one was to compare the performance of the veterans and the youth, who are playing in the IPL, it would be evident that pitted against each other is exuberance versus experience. And who is winning? Obviously, if one were to deduce from the way the matches are progressing, it is the veterans who are wining hands down. Take the example of Jacque Kallis or the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. They have stamped their authority on the IPL so far by the choice of shot selection as also by ensuring that batting revolves around them. Both these players do not figure in the T20 teams of their respective countries, and both are leading the batting table in the game so far.

In the match against Kings XI Punjab, though Jacque Kallis advised Robin Utthappa not to go for shots after he had hit a six, in the next ball itself, he ballooned the ball to long on for a simple catch. In the same manner Naman Ojha, the wicketkeeper batsman of Rajasthan Royals was going great guns in their match against Kolkata Knight Riders, before adrenalin rushed, and he was out on a very stupid shot. Suresh Raina did the same thing while batting against the Kolkata Knight Riders.

 Batsmen when they are on a song, forget the bowler who is at the receiving end would try to take revenge in the next ball, and statistics bear ample testimony to the fact that most of the wickets fall on the next ball, after the bowler has been hit out of the ground.

What is the operative psychology whereby rush of adrenalin in the moment defies the logic and the batsmen go for hara-kiri? It has to do primarily with the booing or encouraging audience that triggers the rush of adrenalin and the youth gets carried away in the heat of the moment forgetting the fact that if they stayed on the ground they can get more accolades from the public. After all, Kallis and Sachin perform in the same manner. It is the quantum of time spent on the ground that counts, as ultimately it sets the benchmark for performance. Or for that matter the batting prowess that Dhoni displayed in the match against Kolkata Knight Riders is a clear testimony to the fact that the batsman has to spend time on the crease and things would start falling in place on their own.

Would Raina, Ojha and Utthappa listen to the advise of their seniors?

By: Suman Rai

  1. i dont think seniors need to give advice always. Some advices are meant to be given but according to me suno sab ki karo mannn ki it is the best every one has their own style

  2. jeetendra bharati

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