Should Dhoni be sacked?

A shrill war cry is being stage managed through the electronic media demanding the scalp of Dhoni for supposed failure of the Indian cricket team in the ICC World Cup. Is Dhoni responsible singly for the state of affairs of the Indian cricket team? Well, India only lost three matches, and whether loss of three matches would more than outweigh the scores of victories that Indian cricket has achieved under Dhoni’s leadership, catapulting it to one of the most lethal forces in international cricket.

No wonder, even Big B aka Amitabh Bachchan castigated such a campaign by lampooning the arm chair critics for voicing their opinion from the air-conditioned comforts, and challenged them to form a view after being in the field of action for once.

Dhoni is being made a scapegoat as he does not come from the elite category of cricketing world of the country, i.e. either from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai, but is a small town boy from a city called Jamshedpur. He is a man who rose from the ranks and has been they catalysis for giving a shape to many a dreams of small town boys and girls. His is a case of economic sanskritisation, where a person from a small town has moved up the ladders and is rubbing shoulders with the traditional elites, but not conforming to their rules and expectations and instead forming his own rules and regulations. It is what has endeared him and has increased his fan following all across the country. An example of his fan following is the hair style that he sports! Go to any part of the country and it would be found that the young generation of the country sports the hairdo that Dhoni sports. Has it ever happened in the Indian cricket that a hair style of a captain is followed throughout the country with great adulation?

The same kind of shrill war cry had been raised when Azaharuddin was the captain of the Indian cricket team and his captainship was sacrificed at the altar. But the difference this time around is that Dhoni has got immense fan following and even the authorities understand that sacking Dhoni is not the solution. After all, who is the replacement, is there anybody else in the Indian cricket team who has they same stature to become the captain of the Indian team?

So the board should not be swayed by such arm chair critics but has to introspect about the match fitness of the players and rest things would fall in place on their own.

By: Suman Rai

  1. Mahendra singh dhoni – The supreme power in Indian cricket team!!!
    Dhoni, the formal captain of Indian cricket team has being now drowned in couple of controversies.Just few days back he was targeted for playing triangular series,dating plenty girlfriends.recently he was linked up with ASIN.
    After all these silly gossips and losing in world cup 2010 made to dig into a deep danger.He was also losing the threat to lose his captainship.
    glancing to all the above stories and fake rumors, a focusing point stands is that – NO ONE REMEMBERS THE VICTORY OF DLF IPL3,rather his defeat which was a team fault.

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