Sourav Ganguly: Tiger has not lost its fangs

The banner that was displayed in Kolkata before the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Deccan Chargers, imploring Sourav Ganguly aka Dada to go back, must have caught his goat, and he stuck back with a vengeance striking scintillating 88 runs to seal victory for his team.

It indeed was a befitting reply to few disgruntled elements in Kolkata. Or was it a prop used by the team management itself, as it is being done in the TV programmes to increase the TRPs these days? Le me give few example to buttress the point. It had happened during the Filmfare Awards function where Shah Rukh Khan supposedly had sleighed Neil Nitin Mukesh, and he paid to them in the same coin by hitting them with eggs. Subsequently it was revealed that it was all done in banter. Same happened during a programme in Zoom television channel where for a programme to promote Badmash Company a fight ensued between Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, and it increased the TRP. It was clarified subsequently that the fight was all stage managed.

So, if the slogans showed to Dada were stage managed, it turned out to be a catalyst for him to tell the world that there still is a lot of cricket left in him. It reminded the famous quote of Rahul Dravid about Sourav Ganguly, “On off-side there is god and then there is Sourav Ganguly”. Though Gilchrist had created a fortress around off-side still Sourav was able to slice the cordon with consummate ease and showed to the cricketing world why he is Sourav Ganguly!

Kolkata Knight Riders now only need to focus on their bowling as apart from Murali Kartik there is no other bowler who is consistent in his performance. Even Shane Bond could not create the Bond effect and was carted around the ground merrily by Herschelle Gibbs. Ishant Sharma is miserably out of form and he is specializing only in short pitch deliveries. The bowling coach Wasim Akram indeed has a lot of work to do if Kolkata Knight Riders have to move to the top of the table.

Now that Dada has clicked the onus falls on Yuvraj to tell the world why he is the crown prince of T-20 form of cricket. May be, he also needs to be shown the red hering in the form of a banner slogan asking him to quit cricket, and that could prod him to tell the world why he is Yuvraj. Preity are you listening?

By: Suman Rai

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