There is no business like show business

Who would have thought cricket would be able to entice and attract literally whose who in the field of music and performance at the international levels? But the element of show business associated with IPL is such that the international performance artists do not think twice before agreeing to perform in the inaugural function and closing ceremony associated with the IPL.

Akon one of the best pop singers in the hip-hop generation had made the audience eat out of their hands during the closing ceremony of the IPL in the second season in South Africa. After all, which other platform would provide the captive audience as eclectic and as diverse as IPL? Akon may not have existed in the memory of cricket fans back home in India, but after his performance his fan following has increased by leaps and bounds.

With such a background, it is not surprising that Lionel Ritchie would be performing in a few hours from now for the inauguration of IPL in the third season in Mumbai.

It is owing to the quotient of entertainment associated with IPL that all the 45000 tickets have been sold out for the inaugural match at DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai. Besides, the warhorses of marketing have converted IPL into a marketing behemoth.

The curtain on IPL in the third season would begin with performances of Ali Campbell of UB 40 who will be performing on the song ” can’t help falling in love”, and indeed the manner in which IPL has progressed one cannot but help falling in love with it. In a coup of sorts Lionel Ritchie is also performing on the eve of inauguration and he would be performing to his super hit song ” dancing on the ceiling”.  It would be followed by a performance of ABBA’s ” Dancing Queen” that will be done by Bjorn Again.

Has the Indian public, or even the diaspora seen an inaugural tournament of such large scale ever conducted earlier with respect to any event in the public space? Memory fails to come up with any such reference from the past. Icing on the cake would be the performance by Deepika Padukone to set the ball rolling for the IPL in the third season. It indeed is spectacle of razzmatazz at its best.

By: Suman Rai

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