What you portray as a joke can come to haunt you as a reality?

For the new commercial that Nokia has built, featuring Shah Rukh Khan all the other major players of Kolkata Knight Riders, they are not able to strike at a pair of stumps with the roll of a newspaper. Ishant Sharma managed to do the same while bowling in the inaugural match of the IPL in the third season against Deccan Chargers.

As a matter of fact ground fielding could again become Achilles heel for the Kolkata Knight Riders as it happened in the second version. Could this be the reason why the Nokia ad comes to an end soliciting opinion from the general public about improving the performance of the Kolkata Knight Riders’?

Well the Kolkata Knight Riders indeed had butter fingers yesterday right from the time when they took the field and had not Deccan Chargers been dropped, who knows Kolkata Knight Riders could have won the match in a more convincing manner. As of now for the Kolkata Knight Riders, they do not have in their repertoire fielders who can turn the match in their favor just by fielding. The snafus that were committed in the field included the dropped catch by Langeveldt. The redeeming part for the team was that their captain tried to lead from the front as far as fielding was concerned.

Kolkata Knight Riders therefore have a task cut out for them and the coach Dave Whitmore has to make seem serious pep talk with his boys. Another issue that needs to be urgently looked into, in performance of Kolkata Knight Riders is that their level of performance has to be consistent.

They seem to be carrying off from the last season, in terms of having rather lackluster performance in the first part before the strategic break and then fighting back to make their presence felt. While the process may be worthwhile, it would not be successful on a continuous basis.

One does not know whether Kolkata Knight Riders has a fielding coach or not, but if he is there, he needs to assert himself, as if the players are not inclined to dive and stop the ball in DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai, which is one of the better grounds in the country, then they would not think about it in other parts of the country where the cushion of grass would not cushion there slides.

By: Suman Rai

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