Whats in a word: Ask Gambhir, Shipla and Shamita shetty

An innocuous remark made by Gautam Gambhir, captain of Delhi Daredevils has indeed raised the storm in the tea cup. Shilpa Shetty, owner of Rajasthan Royals is livid, and Shamita Shetty is also breathing fire. Gautam Gambhir seems to have caught their goat, synonymous with his acronym – Gautie.

After Delhi Daredevils defeated Rajasthan Royals, Gautam Gambhir made the comment that the performance of Rajasthan Royals was “ordinary”, and it had ordinary players. Now this is what has made Shilpa Shetty livid. She is livid as Rajasthan Royals won the first version of the IPL and therefore to call her team ordinary has not gone down well.

Even the IPL authorities have censored Gautam Gambhir for making such a comment. The moot point is have we forgotten English? Let’s see what ordinary means as per the lexicon.

According to Dictionary.com, ordinary means plain or undistinguished, somewhat inferior of below average. If one goes by this definition then what Gautam Gambhir commented was fine and it should not have caused umbrage at all.

What Gambhir had said was that the performance of Rajasthan Royals for which they are famous, was not there at all. It indeed was a performance below the expectations. Rajasthan Royals seems to be relying too much on Yusuf Pathan and he is not able to provide them the momentum that he created in the first match against Kolkata Knight Riders where he hit a century. After that, the performance is not up to the desired levels.

Besides, Gautam Gambhir made this comment after the match was over and not before the match as was done by his predecessor Virender Sehwag who had made same comment against Bangladesh. Viru had told that performance of Bangladesh was ordinary and no censor was passed against him, then to single out Gautam Gambhir does not seem to be fair.

The moot point is, it can be sensed as a challenge that has been thrown by Gautie for Rajasthan Royals and they could pool their resources and hit back in subsequent matches with a vengeance. History of cricket has been replete with such examples where the teams have bounced back after a comment has been made against their performance.

Besides, it is a tournament where nations are not playing but professional teams are playing and the professional superiority would always be expressed by usage of such words. It is for the other teams not to get perturbed by it and play each game on its merit.

By: Suman Rai

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