Who is the biggest brand in the IPL 3?

One century can indeed make the difference, as it is happening with the captain of Mumbai Indians, Sachin Tendulkar. IPL is in the third season and Sachin Tendulkar by virtue of the first double century that he scored in the one-day series has emerged as the numero uno icon player of the Indian Premier League, usurping his captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni from his post.

How the things pan out! Sachin was not even considered worthy for playing in the T-20 form of game, but the manner in which he has conditioned his body, manifest from the diving stops that he was making in the recently concluded one-day series between South Africa and India is manifest of the fact that he is serious for this form of game as well now. It is the double century that seems to have emerged as the catalytic factor in revaluation of his brand positioning.

Mumbai Indians indeed can now fancy their chances to have a strike at the IPL trophy in the third season in a big way, after Sachin’s century. Besides, the century would also inspire his fellow opening partner Senath Jaisuria to go for the top in the third season of the IPL, as in all probability Senath Jaisuria could be playing his last IPL tournament.

Mumbai Indians had few close matches in the last season and they must be daring to revenge the defeat. Their newest acquisition Pollard has also got the unique distinction of being the player commanding maximum insurance during the IPL matches.

While Steve Waugh may have his doubts about putting Sachin Tendulkar above Sir Don Bradman, it is arguably a debatable issue. The kind of attacks that Sachin Tendulkar has faced in his life were not faced by Sir Bradman, and from this sheer perspective it makes him ahead of Bradman.

Would Sachin be burdened by expectations and has he primed slightly early? Not likely. As far as his fan following is concerned, his fans do not consider that Sachin is over the hills manifest from the fact that a ticket for first match of IPL where Mumbai Indians would be playing was put to auction, and it went for more than 10 lakh. It has happened for the first time in history of any game that a ticket has been auctioned for such a large amount.

Indeed expectations are building up from Sachin, and the bowlers of the opposite camp beware the assault on their bowling by this little master.

By: Suman Rai

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