Would Sachin’s ban effect fortunes of Mumbai Indians

There are chances that he might face the ban for delaying the completion of match as has been done with Kumar Sangakara, the captain of Kings XI Punjab, Sachin Tendulkar, the captain of Mumbai Indians would hardly be losing his sleep on this count. After all, his is the first team that has knocked on the doors of the semi-final line up to claim slot for his team.

He is indeed emerged as the thinking captain who does not think twice before applying his mind, if he observes that the team is not playing up to its true potential.

After two initial botched up attempts, Mumbai Indians has emerged as a team that is blessed with the platitude of plenty. Be it the area of batting, or that of bowling, the team has a solid bench strength and it is manifest from the fact that it can have the luxury not to play Sanath Jaisuria, or for that matter J.P. Duminy, who was one of the costliest players during the last season.

However, the authorities need to factor in the ground realities before thinking of imposing the ban, as they have done in case of Kumar Sangakara as well. The noise in the playing area coupled with the DJ music and the blaring advertisements makes it nearly impossible for the players to listen to the instructions issued by the captain. In such a scenario, it is but natural that vital time would be lost. Besides, with the bone sapping heat in most of the centres, for a batsman it indeed becomes a difficult time to being the middle, as the sweat between gloves and the rubber of the handle, frequent changes of gloves takes place that further eats into time of the fielding side.

Apart from these facts, another factor that has emerged as the predominant motifs is the number of sixes that are being hit in the third chapter of the IPL. Incidentally, the mantle of hitting the 200th six of the tournament went to Sachin Tendulkar, and so far 225 sixes have been used by various teams. When a ball is hit for a six and it goes out of the boundary, time is spent in retrieving it, and the fielding side has to bear the brunt.

May be, once the organizers sit together and look into the problems, the issue of levying the penalty on the fielding captain would also be factored in, and some or all the sides of the IPL would be benefited.

By: Suman Rai

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