56 IPL players may not be auctioned at all

It’s official now. When IPL Season IV’s auction happens, the team owners will have the option of retaining four Indians and three foreign players.

This was formally cleared by the IPL governing council which met in Mumbai on last Sunday. As reported this on January 1 this year. It was also unanimously decided that the contracted Indian cricketers will have a cap of 14 matches for the season.

Earlier, Chennai Super Kings owner and BCCI secretary N Srinivasan had reportedly voiced his objection to the proposal of having fresh auction for all the IPL players. He had said that the brand established around certain players and teams would be lost if big names were signed by other teams after three years.

This essentially means that if Chennai Super Kings retains MS Dhoni, he will be allowed to play only 14 matches. There will 18 league matches next year plus a semifinal match, an extra match for the third slot or the final.

“This also means that the teams will appoint two captains if any contracted player is leading an IPL team,” an IPL source said.

  1. Though i’m not an avid follower of the game, I think that IPL 4 auction is waste of time and money when each and every team are well established and bonded well for all these 3 years, it is ridiculous to do an auction for IPL 4 season.
    Hope all the team owners or the franchise know their team’s strength and each player’s potential for all these 3 years and they might even find it irking to go for a fresh auction.
    Again and again auctioning a player is kind of spoiling the game in the name of money and true sportiveness.
    It is each player’s talent and potential and hard work that plays an significant role in cricket and not crores of money and auctioning a player is too senseless and ridiculous.
    Give some respect to true fans and an avid followers of this game.

  2. IPL 4 auction is waste of time and money and spoiling the true spirit of the game. Let it go on as it is now with the same players.

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