90 matches in IPL 4: Is it too much?

The addition of two more teams will mean 14 more matches per franchise which increases the overall tally of home-and-away games from 49 to 81. Add to it the knock out games and the IPL is likely to see a whopping 90-odd matches from 2011 onwards.

The IPL stands to face the risk of having to play three matches per day which in turn will see the games beginning at noon and going on till 11 in the night.

As it is, those in the television industry agree that matches played at 4 pm in the first two years of IPL did not rake in the same TRPs as matches played at 8 pm, prime time. “Now, with matches beginning at noon, the TRPs are bound to dip further,” says an industry expert.

Therefore it didn’t come as a surprise when Knight Riders’ coowner Shah Rukh Khan personally questioned the idea of having three matches a day when the franchise owners met in Bangkok a few months ago to discuss the idea of including two new teams.

“The reason why I do just one or two films a year is because otherwise there’ll be an overkill. Then there won’t be any difference between an actor who does a dozen films a year and me,” he is learnt to have said.

This year too, when the tournament begins on March 12 and finishes on April 25, 45 days of action, two matches almost every day, just like the first two years of the IPL, is already sending the spectator into a tizzy. “Sometimes I just can’t keep track of who played who, who is playing who and the points tally. With almost 28 matches from next year I shudder to think how it will all happen,” says a T20 enthusiast.

The jury is already out on what the current scenario is. The year 2010 will certainly give a better idea by the time it ends, just how much Twenty20 is enough.

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