ACA expecting to get security plans of IPL 2010

The prospect of Australian players participating in the Indian Premier League 3 next month has brightened up with the country’s Cricketers’ Association (ACA) saying it is close to getting the security details from the IPL authorities.

IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi has said that he will not share the security plans with palyers’ unions but ACA chief executive Paul Marsh said he is in talks with the Twenty20 league to get the security details.

“I fully expect it (receiving the security plans) will happen and I’ve advised the players that we expect it will happen, it’s just we’re at the point where we’re just waiting on getting the plans,” Marsh said.

“We are getting close, there’s a few details we’re trying to get through, there’s a commitment there to give it to us provided we meet certain restrictions and obligations. Hopefully we’ll get there,” he was quoted as saying by the Australian Associated Press.

Marsh said after getting the security plans from the IPL, ACA will hire a firm to assess the situation in India and then advice the players whether to travel to the country or not.

“Once we get these IPL plans we’ve got an independent security company to help put together a report for us that’ll outline the situation in India in general and also get a view of plans in place,” Marsh said.

“They’ll provide a recommendation that we’ll be passing on to the players as to whether or not they think it’s safe to tour. We’ve had briefings with the government already and the government has given us briefings around Shiv Sena and the players. Once this report’s put together, will get the relevant information on that.”

Marsh said they are taking seriuosly Shiv Sena’s threat not to allow Australians play in Mumbai in response to the attacks on Indian students in Australia.

“You’ve got to take the threats legitimately, there’s been two threats made to the Australian players. The advice we’re getting is they’re an extremist political party. They’ve got a history of making pretty outrageous comments for the purpose of seeking attention. You can’t rule out that there may be some action taken here,” he said.

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