All players likely to be part of IPL auction

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According to a proposal mooted by Sunil Gavaskar ahead of IPL player auction, while the franchises will have the option of naming players they want to retain, this would not prevent those players from being put on the auction table.

Gavaskar, an IPL governing council member, has written to all IPL captains on July 5 responding to suggestions on player retention and other issues.

Gavaskar stressed that all players should be part of the auction, with a cap of $2 million per player. If a team bid $2 million for a player, his team would have the first right of refusal, provided it was one of the bidders.

Gavaskar agreed with the view that player retention would hurt the two new teams — Pune and Kochi, but pointed out the earlier decision that the 8 original teams would be allowed to retain four Indian and three overseas players.

“We felt that retention of players was a bit unfair on the new teams but we had to take into account an earlier resolution by the governing council where it was decided that 4 Indian and 3 overseas players would be allowed to be retained by each franchise so we proposed a nomination process whereby each franchise could nominate the players they wished to retain but all those players also would go into the auction with a cap of $2 million. If the market forces went to the limit of $2 million and the franchise was still keen on the player then they could retain him at that price.”

The BCCI empowered a three-man panel comprising Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and MAK Pataudi to make recommendations on the structure of the league.

He also suggested that the auction would be worth $8 million – which means the franchises would have to think carefully about players they want to retain.

“There is a possibility that some other franchises could mischievously play up the auction but that is something that cannot be avoided. The number of players in a squad would be 25 and since a player could only play 14 ties plus the knockouts a franchise could play 5 overseas players in four matches but not in the knockout stage,” he wrote.

The proposals would be discussed by the governing council in August. Gavaskar wrote that Deccan Chargers skipper Adam Gilchrist’s suggestion of a modified knockout phase had been accepted.

“By the way, Gilly, your idea of having the knockout stage where teams 1 and 2 play against each other and the loser plays the winner of 3 and 4 has been accepted.”

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