Australia’s green light to players’ participation in IPL’s 2nd edition

Cricket Australia has decided to allow its players to take part in the second edition Indian of the Premier League, barring those who are unfit or have injury concerns.

“We are not proposing to tell anyone that we don’t want them to go to the IPL,” CA public affairs manager Peter Young said.

“I don’t know in what circumstances we would do that, unless we had a negative medical report. Our view is we are dealing with professional athletes and living in an era where the understanding of fitness and sports injuries is very sophisticated.

“The IPL is not particularly onerous, the fast bowlers might bowl four overs twice a week,” Young said.

He felt that players could keep themselves in shape for the Ashes by taking part in the IPL.

“Some biomechanical and sports medicine experts believe the risk of injury goes up if the workload goes up and down across a period of time. And I would say some players would want to play in the IPL so they can remain in good nick for the Ashes,” he added.

However, Australia have a list of injury worries that includes the likes of Brett Lee (ankle), Andrew Symonds (knee), Shane Watson (back) and Peter Siddle (foot) all sidelined.

But former South Africa great Barry Richards believes CA could have faced player backlash and possible retirements if they banned cricketers from taking part in the IPL.

“Today’s players can’t get their hands on the dollars quick enough … they are like kids in a lolly shop,” Richards said.

“If Cricket Australia banned players from going to the IPL there would be a huge outcry from the players. I reckon it would be possible a few of them would even say they would retire.

“Administrators don’t want to get the players offside so I am sure a lot of them will be playing in the IPL again,” he was quoted as saying in ‘The Daily Telegraph’.

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