BCCI disciplinary committee reserves order on recusal issue

The BCCI disciplinary committee, probing into suspended IPL chairman Lalit Modi’s alleged financial irregularities, on Sunday decided to reserve its order on the contentious recusal issue.

After its third hearing into the case, the committee decided that there will be no more discussion on the recusal issue.

Modi’s lawyer Mehmood Abdi said the arguments on their demand of recusal of panel members Arun Jaitely and interim IPL chief Charayu Amin are complete.

“Order on the recusal issue is reserved. There will be no further hearing on the issue of recusal and no date has been fixed for the decision,” Abdi told reporters after the meeting which lasted close to three hours.

“The panel has legal luminary like Jaitely and I think the committee will take a decision after considering all the arguments counter arguments and rejoinder by both the parties,” Abdi added.

Modi’s lawyers said they raised other issues also in Sunday’s meeting.

“We raised issues like appointment of a retired Supreme Court judge in the panel and some other issues. But other matters will be taken up only after the settlement of recusal issue,” he said.

The disciplinary committee comprises of Jaitely, Amin and Congress MP Jyotiradiyta Scindiya.

Modi has been insisting that Jaitely and Amin recuse themselves from the panel.

Earlier, in the day Modi created a flutter by claiming that BCCI was asking his lawyers to recuse themselves from the proceedings.

“Just heard that BCCI want my lawyers to recuse themselves! Shocked since meeting was for committee’s recusal,” Modi wrote on his twitter page.

“People party to all decisions don’t want to recuse themselves. But want my team who are presenting my case too. Is this how an enquiry is done?” he questioned.

One being asked about Modi’s tweet, Abdi said, “The committee has clarified on the issue in this meeting, the matter is settled and we should not get into controversy,” he said.

The first hearing was held on July 16 in Mumbai and the last in New Delhi on July 27.

Abdi said he has seen the BCCI meeting register of the last disciplinary hearing here and “is satisfied that Board secretary N Srinivasan was not present”.

The BCCI later issued the recordings of the proceedings of the disciplinary committee.

“Mr. Dhond (Modi’s lawyer) has completed his argument on the recusal application. P R Raman on behalf of BCCI has made his argument to which Mr Dhond has given his rejoinder.

“We reserve our orders on the recusal application. Both parties would be informed of the order as soon as it is pronounced,” the release said.

The BCCI release also mentioned other issues that came up for discussion on Sunday.

“At the commencement of the hearing Dhond brought to the notice, reliance of BCCI to a document dated 17.3.09 in which certain corrections are purportedly made by Mr. Dhond and he wanted to know whether these document would be relied to say at some point of time and whether he would be required to be present as a witness and whether BCCI has any objection to him appearing for Mr. Modi in these proceedings.

“Mr. Raman clarified that it was the intention of the BCCI to rely these documents is to refute the statement of Mr. Lalit Modi that by the aforesaid mentioned letter, extension was granted to WSG Mauritius on the advice of Ms. Akhila Kaushik whereas it was Mr. Dhond who has advised on this.

“Mr. Raman clarified that they do not intend to call Mr. Dhond as a witness in this case since the document is admittedly written by Mr. Dhond which Mr. Dhond has accepted,” the release said.

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