BCCI unmoved by franchisee appeal for ‘fifth foreigner’

IPL franchisees may have added a fifth foreigner to their never-ending wishlist but it seems the BCCI is in no mood to accommodate their whims. According to sources, there is no question of the BCCI acceding to teams’ demands of being allowed to field a fifth foreign player in the playing XI in IPL Season 2.

‘‘We don’t want to turn the IPL into an EPL where there is no cap on foreigners. The BCCI will not compromise on the interest of the Indians,” said a BCCI official.

‘Reports on compensation inaccurate’

The official also said reports about the BCCI compensating franchisees for the extra expenditure they are likely to incur on logistics in South Africa were far from accurate. ‘‘The hotel costs as well as internal travel costs in SA will be more or less the same as in India. In IPL 1, each franchisee paid their home association Rs 3.5 crore for hosting seven matches.

They have to work out a similar deal with SA provincial associations and the BCCI will be only too happy to guide them,’’ said the board official, pointing out that the franchisees will not be required to pay entertainment and service tax in South Africa.

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