Bangalore Royal Challengers okays revised IPL schedule

Bangalore has given green signal to the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches and the owner of the Bangalore Royal Challengers Vijay Mallya sounds confident that the IPL season two will go on smoothly.

Vijay Mallya expressed his confidence in the Home Ministry and the IPL bosses and stated that the second season of the Twenty20 league will go on. In fact, the UB group Chairman also stated that India can provide high level security for the tournament and that the deadlock over the IPL new dates for the second season will be sorted out soon.

Vijay Mallya speaking on the IPL dates said, “Deadlock over the IPL dates will be sorted soon. The dates and security is being taken care of by the BCCI. Whatever adjustments were needed have been made. We in India are competent enough to provide security. I am confident that IPL will pass off smoothly. Elections are also important. I believe the entire issue will be sorted out smoothly.”

Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari too has assured full security for all the matches to be played in Bangalore. He said, “We have held two rounds of discussions. We have promised full proof security and we have also sent across a letter of assurance.”

The police commissioner of Bangalore has given a nod to the new dates submitted by the IPL bosses.

This go ahead from Bangalore comes a day after West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab gave their nod to the IPL commissioner

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