Bangalore Royals Challengers coach says KP will prove people wrong

Bangalore Royal Challengers coach Ray Jennings has said that he is confident that England batsman Kevin Pietersen will show his class as the skipper of the side during the second edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), and “doesn’t care a damn” about the star batsman’s controversial reign as England captain.

He said: “I don’t care a damn what happened with the England job. Kevin and I are on the same wavelength. That’s all that matters and I just don’t believe he will behave like people think he can. The important thing is Kev is the type who likes to prove people wrong — he’s like me. He likes to push fingers up people’s noses.”

“I understand the guy and where he’s coming from. Whatever his so-called personality weaknesses are, I back him 100 per cent. People have to understand that there is a different set of permutations out here from what happened with England. I’ve clashed with some of my cricketers before, too, but that’s my style,” he added.

“It doesn’t concern me who he’s clashed with. I believe there absolutely has to be tension within any relationship. If there’s no tension, there’s a lack of respect. I respect Kevin and he respects me. It will be a whole new relationship,” The Sun quoted Jennings, as saying.

The mega-bucks IPL tournament, which was switched to South Africa amid security fears, starts on April 18.

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