Can Mumbai Indians do what Rajasthan Royals did in the IPL in second season?

IPL Cricket

If we remember, in the second season of the IPL Rajasthan Royals had pulled a bunny out of the bag when they introduced Kamran Akmal as their mainstay bowler and he created havoc in the opposite camps, till the time he was pulled up for susceptible bowling action.

Shane Warne picked up Kamran Akmal, when he saw him bowling in the nets in Kanga League cricket tournament in Mumbai and immediately included him as a player fro Rajasthan Royals.

Mumbai Indians, is still looking for a genuine pace bowler to bolster their attack, but they have not been able to do so, though they have a Zaheer Khan as a vice captain, but he is besotted with his injuries. Well, Mumbai Indians need not look further as they have a lad in the form of Gurudas Shenoy who has been selected by International Cricket Council’s Global Cricket Academy to train with them for a week and fine tune his bowling. He would be trained under the watchful eyes of Rodney Marsh. He is one of the 22 bowlers who have been selected through nation wide talent hunt organized by Gatorade who has been picked up as he has consistently bowled at 140 kms per hour in the nets.

As a matter of fact IPL has emerged as one of the biggest tools of empowerment for the downtrodden on account of the vast number of players required to be included in the teams and within two seasons it has demonstrated that sports as a career now can be pursued in India with passion, and if there is a fire in the belly, then opportunity would pan out eventually. IPL, in the words of the noted sociologist M N Srinivas, emerged as the veritable platform of sanskritisation as now the poor and the downtrodden also can aspire to play cricket at international levels.

Shenoy’s case is instructive. He is son of a father who sells Vada pav, the staple street food of Mumbai, and had this opportunity not come for Shenoy, he would have been forced to follow his father’s vocation.

Shenoy has the definite potential to emerge as the real poster boy for Mumbai Indians as he is a truly bred local who is representative of the average Mumbaikar, characterized through his journey from distant suburbs to carve out his place in the scorching son, and he has been able to do so, so why not capitalize on his achievement?

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