Bowling again becoming a nemesis for Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings lost their match to Deccan Chargers by 30 runs. Does it ring some bell? Well, near about same runs where given by Sudip Tyagi the fast bowler in his last over, in the five bowls that he bowled before he had to be taken off for two no-balls in a over, and Justin Kemp was asked to bowl the last ball.

Chennai Super Kings have been besotted with the problem of bowling during both the IPLs in previous seasons, and the problem seems to have its echo in the third season of IPL as well. There is no bowler in the arsenal of Chennai Super Kings who can turn around the match by their sheer bowling prowess.

The problem becomes more so glaring if one compares it with the performance of the itsy-bitsy bowler Rohit Sharma, who had Chennai Super Kings by their collar. Chennai Super Kings is a team that relies more on its batsmen to do the job, but the bowlers, the four specialists, are not able to prove their worth. Be it a Joginder Sharma, or a Muralitharan, they were tonked all across the ground by the warriors of Deccan Chargers in the form of Symonds and Gibbs. The problem becomes more so compounded, if a bowler of the caliber of Muralitharan, who has taken maximum wickets in all forms of games, bowls three wide balls in a over, and that too in the crucial fag end overs. It indeed is a criminal sacrilege, and that too, when Chennai Super Kings is having Venkatesh Prasad as the bowling coach, as he is a bowler who was really mean as far as bowling wide balls and no balls was concerned.

Incidentally, bowling wide balls has become a major problem in the IPL in the third season if one were to put forward a premise based on the matches held so far. Most of the teams have been guilty of giving away too many wide balls. In the sapping heat of the country, when bowling is otherwise a proposition against which heavy odds are stacked, if a bowler bowls a wide ball, he has to bowl one extra bowl and it further adds to the woes for the bowler as also for the fortune of the team. May be, the bowling coaches and the team coaches need to look into this aspect on an urgent basis, otherwise the fortunes of the teams would continue to dwindle more so Chennai Super Kings.

By: Suman Rai

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