IPL 2011: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings – Live IPL Score

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As the Kolkata Knight Riders come home after a stutter, the danger of doubts creeping back will be upon them. That they are now up against a team of the calibre of the Chennai Super Kings cannot help on the confidence quotient. But, then, must momentum be defined by a string of victories alone?

Wins and losses do matter, but the measure of a good team is often in how much it is willing to see beyond the result in the preparation for battles ahead. It’s got to do more with how they’ve played. In T20, it’s also about learning to take a few knocks on the way.

The Knights would have noticed that despite the defeat there was so much that they did right in Kochi on Thursday and that there has actually been consolidation in at least one key area. Gautam Gambhir & Co. ended up second-best only because they lost a few crucial moments.

The Super Kings arrive on the back of four victories, with some batsmen who can win it all on their own. However, the Knights will take note that the visitors haven’t travelled that well, losing three of their four away games. Also, that they had squandered a wonderful opportunity of beating the Super Kings in Chennai.

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