Damien Fleming opposes Buchanan’s multiple-captain theory

Former Australia medium-pacer Damien Fleming on Monday opposed John Buchanan’s multiple-captain theory, saying he would prefer one man calling the shots.

“I still rather have one man, the captain of the team calling all the shots and leading his team. There is no room for experimentations after a point,” said Fleming, who took 75 wickets in 20 Tests for Australia.

On the contrary, he felt, it’s actually the coaches who have a limited role in the game.

“A coach’s job ends when the toss is out and the game of cricket begins. It can become rather dangerous if he starts to interfere with the on-field activities,” he told a website.

Former Australia coach John Buchanan, who coaches Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League, created quite a stir with his multiple-captain theory.

While the likes of Sunil Gavaskar and Dilip Vengsarkar are opposed to the idea, Australia captain Ricky Ponting and Sri Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara have a different view.

Fleming feels what ticked off Gavaskar and Warne is that they believe, “in playing the game of cricket without too much fuss and alterations.

“After all, the game is still about batting, bowling and fielding,” he said.

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