ECB open to co-hosting next IPL T20 extravaganza

The England and Wales Cricket Board, it is learnt, is amenable to the idea of co-hosting the next IPL T20 extravaganza.

If the tournament is shared between India and UK, it would also dilute the criticism that India was using its financial clout to set the tournament to its interests.

“We have to see the domestic season in England, but as of now, ECB is keen to work it out. That is why we are going to discuss about IPL matches in England,” an official added.

Another important factor that has made ECB more amenable to the offer is that other T20 tourneys have simply not been able to emulate the IPL’s success.

The Stanford T20 Cup proved to be loss making, despite a $1 million prize money for each member of the champion team in a winner-take-all format.

After incurring a huge loss following the financial meltdown, Stanford may be rethinking about hosting the event.

But IPL sees it as an opportunity to recreate the T20 magic as world cricket is significantly supported by revenues from India — about 80% of the total cricketing turnover.

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