IPL 4: BCCI writes to IPL teams on unsold players

The Indian cricket board (BCCI) has asked all the IPL franchise owners for fresh views on whether teams can be allowed to buy unsold listed (at the auction) Indian players and if yes, can these players be bought at the reserve price, a source close to the development told TOI on Saturday.

Sources said BCCI has asked the teams to reply by February 3 so that it can take further call on the future of the unsold cricketers. The board admitted that it had indeed received a request to sign unsold players and said that if the teams don’t respond, IPL would “assume” that the franchisees are “OK with the request”.

Three players – Sourav Ganguly, VRV Singh and Wasim Jaffer – went unsold at the auction. Former Indian captain Ganguly has already been linked to Kochi IPL team, who are desperately looking for an Indian batting star in their line-up.

Some franchise owners are fuming after getting this letter from BCCI. “What were these teams doing for last 15 days? Why were they sitting on their money? Why should these teams get undue advantages? What is the point of reformatting the IPL every now and then?” a team owner asked.

Other teams said the current move was unfair and reminded of the retention clause which was reinvented because some teams wanted to retain players when the original plan was to list every player in the auction. “This is not the right way to run the league. You can’t change rules as per the convenience of some teams,” a team official said.

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