IPL helps in facilitating Indian Cements make impressive debut in North India

The strategy of Indian Cements the prime sponsor of Chennai Super Kings to anointed Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the captain of the Chennai Super Kings seems to be paying off. It is manifest from the fact that Indian Cements riding on the victory that their team achieved in the third version of the IPL is getting amazing brand recall in North India. Indian Cements need not devise a strategy separately to market itself, as the same has been done impressively by their boys who play for the Chennai Super Kings.

It also reemphasizes what Dhoni had said on the eve of defeating Kings XI Punjab to enter the finals. He was categorical that if the companies are paying large sums of money to the players, it is the moral responsibility of the players as well to play to their optimum levels so that the brand that sponsors them gets recognition among the fans.

Indeed in India or for that all over the world advertisement for a product sways the opinion of the public, and they end up buying the product depending on the brand recall associated with the brand ambassador. For Indian Cements there could not have been a better brand ambassador than Mahendra Singh Dhoni to push the Indian Cements brand in a big way. Now that their other star batsman Suresh Raina has made his presence felt n the ICC World Cup in a big way, it indeed is the opportune time for the company to push for advertisements in the matches so that their brand can get recognition at the international levels itself.

One also needs to conduct a study about the increase in sales when a brand associates itself with a celebrity, as celebrity endorsements cost a bomb these days. The rate of conversion into actual sales serves as a trigger to push a brand. The fact that has to be seen in detail is that the brand ambassador chosen should not be such that he endorses multiple brands as it does not provide the recall value on account of defused recall in the mind of the buyer.

It is a double edged sword, so to say. When a player is at his peak, he would like to garner as much endorsements as can be possible to secure his future, but this does not behoove well for the brands. This existentialist dilemma is the biggest source of headache for the media planners, and no strategy still has been devised that can push the brand through an endorsee in a focused manner, example of Indian Cements notwithstanding.

By: Suman Rai

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