IPL not a threat to international cricket, says Shane Warne

IPL Cricket

IPL Cricket

The Indian Premier League is not a threat to international cricket, said Australian spin legend Shane Warne as he once again advocated a permanent window for the cash-rich Twenty20 event to keep the players happy and prevent scheduling problems.

“I wonder if people realise how big the Indian Premier League really is. I’ve read that it is already the fourth biggest sporting event in the world in terms of value, estimated at around $1 billion. The sooner the authorities realise it is here to stay, the better,” Warne wrote in a column for ‘The Daily Telegraph’.

“I think that a gap of a month or six weeks fixed in the calendar would ease all potential problems and keep the players happy. The IPL is great for promoting cricket to a new audience. It isn’t a threat. It’s a brand to sell to the world,” he added.

Warne said the ICC should also come out with its World Test Championship soon to make the five-day version more appealing to the spectators.

“The ICC can sort out the nitty-gritty, but I’d be looking for two divisions, one side going up and down every two years.

“Those in the second division would just have to raise their game to get back among the best, but there is enough TV money in the game to make sure they don’t struggle financially, and stay viable,” he said.

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