Kerala’s dream to have IPL team suffers reversal

Kerala’s dream to field a team in the Indian Premier League (IPL) has suffered a reversal with the ace film director  Priyadarshan and actor Mohanlal team backing out from it.

Citing the reasons for withdrawal from the IPL, Priyadarshan’s assistant said that the change in rules, at a short notice, which stipulates about Rs 5000 crore as net worth RPT net worth for a team has come as a jolt.

Earlier, speaking to a Malayalam television channel, Priyadarshan had said “the information regarding the change in rules was given at a short notice and it was extremely difficult to source funds for the same.”

“Even in a smaller bid, informations were passed on to the bidders much earlier. We do not know vested interest was behind it and it was quite unfortunate,” he added.

With these development, it will take some more time for Kerala to fulfil its dream to have its own IPL team.

There were media reports saying that Priyadarshan, along with Mohanlal were trying to have a team in the cash-rich twenty20 tournament, since the BCCI was looking to increase number of IPL teams.

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