Kolkata Knight Riders could also face recession problems

Shah Rukh Khan said his Kolkata Knight Riders IPL team would face the same problems as other teams because of the economic downtrend.

“We would have to marshal our resources. Of course we are the only team that made a profit last year. But without sponsorship of corporates it will be tough”, he said.

Shah Rukh said he was involved with the marketing side of the KKR and left the cricketing side was well looked after by John Buchanan and his team and Jay Mehta.

“I won’t be there at the auctions.” He was hoping the amenities and facilities they had envisaged for the team would come up as planned. “The World Cup matches will be held at the Eden Gardens and we will benefit from the upgradation of the stadium.” Asked if he would like to get others on board as partners he said,” I don’t believe in partners, I am like The Times of India.”

Shah Rukh was speaking at the closing ceremony of the International Conference of Physiotherapists conducted by Ali Irani, once the Indian cricket team physio and now president of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists and Shah Rukh’s personal physio. The conference was attended by delegates from 23 countries.

Ali Irani said the conference threw up a lot of new ideas especially in neurology. He said a lot of noises would be heard about brain mapping in sportsmen.

“It is fully understood that a great deal of emphasis in sport is placed on being ‘physically fit’, ‘technically sound’ and ‘tactically aware’. However, it is quite common within training regimes to forget that players need to spend a great deal more time focussing on the inner mind or psychological side of performance. We can do this by using Alpha Matrix technology. We will take players into a state of mind that will result in one outcome: winning, also providing reasons of losing.”

Talking of physios Shah Rukh said he was lucky to have met the likes Ali Irani. Ali works hard for all manner of people.”

Shah Rukh said he was so injury prone that “I know every part of my body; I have metal pieces in parts of my body. My interaction with physios began from the age of 15. I was playing soccer at Delhi’s Ambedkar Stadium and had a lower back problem. An old gentleman, Dr Abbott, treated me. I think he was orthopedics guy. I don’t think there were many physios then. That was the end of my professional sporting career. I would have preferred it to the one in showbiz. Now my son is into athletics and soccer and I think he will need the back-up of physiotherapy, “Shah Rukh exhorted the physios to become affordable to all sections of the society.

Shah Rukh said in India “we are used to medicine of hakims and vaids but the art was lost and the west took over. Still, invasive therapy is not the order of the day. Physiotherapy for most is only massage. I love massage though,” he added smiling

Shah Rukh, back from a a shoot the US for ‘My Name is Khan’, is to go for shoulder arthroscopy for a tear in the supraspinatous muscle in the shoulder.

They are matching the medical opinion he got in Los Angeles with the one in Mumbai. Shah Rukh isn’t so happy with pre and post-operative care in India.

Asked if he would have to be choosy about roles in view of his injury, Shah Rukh said, “Most of my films are action packed and I do the stunts myself. So I will have to be choosy. The current film has less action except for a flood scene to be shot in India. That will be put off till April.”

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