Kolkata Knight Riders director John Buchanan offers to carry the cross

Team Kolkata director of cricket operations, John Buchanan, on Wednesday made it clear that he will stick to his four-captain concept when his team takes the field in South Africa where the indian Premier League gets underway in three week’s time.

Addressing the national media at the Eden Gardens with a downcast Sourav Ganguly by his side, Buchanan insisted that he had no doubt in his mind that the new concept would work ‘if implemented properly’ on the field.

With the Kolkata franchise owners backing him to the hilt on all team issues, Buchanan, it seems, is all set to go ahead with his quaint formula. Asked specifically who will lead KKR on the field this season, Buchanan reiterated: “The captaincy issue is not yet decided.”

He continued to harp on the four-captain formula which may have chief coach Matthew Mott as batting captain (when the side is batting), Brendon McCullum as the fielding captain (setting the field) and someone like Chris Gayle or Lamxi Ratan Shukla as the bowling captain to assist the main captain who will go for the toss.

It means KKR could have different captains going out for the toss in different games and other leaders taking over at different stages of the match and sometimes stepping on one another’s toes. All this leaves Sourav in no-man’s land, for he wouldn’t quite know what his role would be till he lands in South Africa.

Asked which captain will carry the cross in case things don’t go right and the team loses, Buchanan stuck his neck out, saying, “I will carry the cross.” As an escape clause, he mentioned that he would have no hesitation in going back to the one-captain formula if his experiment failed.

Sensing Sourav’s unease, Buchanan blamed the media for fuelling the captaincy controversy. “If I were in Sourav’s shoes, I too would feel hurt… After all, he is the king of Kolkata,” he said, empathizing with the man whose leadership skills have turned him into a legend in his lifetime.

But try telling that to Buchanan, who is bent upon reinventing the wheel.

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