Sourav ridicules John Buchanan’s four-captain plan for IPL

Sourav Ganguly on Wednesday ridiculed John Buchanan’s idea of having “rotating captains” for the Kolkata Knight Riders’ team in the second edition of IPL, saying “tomorrow I can also ask for four coaches”.

Ganguly, who led the KKR team in the inaugural IPL season but is apparently being sidelined by Buchanan this year, said the situation had not got down to the stage that one should be thinking in this particular way.

“Tomorrow I can jump out and say we need four batting coaches, four John Buchanans and Shah Rukh Khan can say we need six Andy Bichels,” Ganguly said.

“These are all opinions, these are the way they are thinking how Twenty20 cricket can be played. We’ll have to wait and see because it’s completely new, it has never happened in sports,” Ganguly told a TV channel.

Asked if he felt insulted by Buchanan questioning his leadership by proposing the multiple captain theory, Ganguly said “I really don’t find anything in these words which will really bother or upset me. It’s a plan, the way he wants to play Twenty20 cricket.”

“I think it’s his (Buchanan’s) idea, he wants to do that. We’ve to wait and see whether it actually happens in the team or not. It’s too premature to say anything on that because he feels that’s the way Twenty20 cricket should be played,” he said.

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