Sprite joins Kolkata Knight Riders as official pouring partner

Kolkata Knight Riders on Wednesday announced its tie-up with Coca-Cola India and named ‘Sprite’ as the official beverage of the Indian Premier League team.

With this deal, Coca Cola India also won the branding rights for ‘Sprite’ on the players’ apparel and helmet from the second season of the Twenty20 extravaganza.

Apart from its presence on apparels and helmets, ‘Sprite’ would also have in-stadia presence and activation rights for all seven home-matches at Eden Gardens, according to a release.

“From the time of its inception last year, Kolkata Knight Riders has far exceeded the expectation of competitors and compatriots in terms of our fan following and the success of our brand and business. With Sprite now on board as Associate Sponsor and Official Pouring Partner, I am confident we will together provide more enhanced experiences to our fans and consumers, making the second season of IPL 2009 all the more action-packed and exciting,” KKR co-owner Jay Mehta said.

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