Support for Ganguly’s inclusion in Kolkata Knight Riders team

Amidst the reports of Sourav Ganguly’s possible release from Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL IV, former Bengal captains Sambaran Banerjee and Gopal Bose have said that the Shah Rukh Khan co-owned franchise might lose its support base in Kolkata in absence of its most popular sporting icon.

“Sourav is the best option to lead KKR in the upcoming IPL. I don’t understand the rumours about his possible release by the team management. It is really unnecessary and unwanted. Team needs him the most,” Sambaran Banerjee, a former national selector and under whom Ganguly made his first-class debut said from Kolkata.

There are rumours that KKR have decided to let Kolkata’s favourite son be up for auctions and not retain him. More importantly, they won’t retain any player.

“If Sourav is not there, KKR will lose the sentimental attachment that people of Bengal share with the team.

“I doubt whether they will be able to attract good crowd during IPL matches if Sourav is not there. KKR will face a lot of problems in his absence,” said the veteran who was instrumental in Ganguly’s comeback in the Indian team in 1996.

Similarly another former captain and staunch Ganguly backer Gopal Bose, has said that Ganguly is to Bengal what like Sachin is for Mumbai.

“We can not imagine the Mumbai team in absence of Sachin. Similarly Sourav is the face of Kolkata. He is the biggest sporting icon Bengal has ever produced. People are emotionally attached with him. The team management can conduct polls and more then 90 percent people will vote for Sourav,” he said.

“He played well in the previous season and most amazing part was his fielding.”

Banerjee has said that Ganguly does not need to prove anything to anybody. He also hoped that KKR can reach the semi-final in the coming season under his captaincy.

“It was under Sourav’s captaincy that we saw a transformation in the Indian team. He has brought the aggression in Indian team as well as in KKR. As far as past failures are concerned there were several other reasons for that. I hope that team will reach in the semi-final in next season,” he said.

Bose also blame team management’s wrong decisions for the past failures.

“Coach Buchanan (John) was the major factor. Players were feeling insecure during his tenure. Not having the desired start was the biggest problem for KKR. Team has improved a lot in the last season,” he said.

  1. i don’t know about others but i will not support of kolkata if my ganguly will not be there because i love dada
    atleast 1 supporter will move from the supporting side..forever

  2. Arindam Mitra

    I’m really astonished as to why Ganguly has been put into auction rather KKR not retaining him.

    I’d like to draw everyone’s attention that DADA had been the 4th highest run scorer even if KKR was out a long before the finals.

    Being always a fan, I feel like DADA should get a true value as a player and taken by good team.

  3. DADA is a legend & i don’ t think a single person went their tosee IPL 2011 in Eden Garden if dada is not there.

  4. I’m a die-hard SRK fan , my favourite IPL team is KKR. So, I’ll be cheering fr KKR … it did not affect me if one DADA is not a part of the team.

  5. kolkata you are losing your finest player as well as a great will pay for this mistake afterwards. Sorry dada we cannot help you.if dada is not there kolkata will hardly the team.


  7. He has fans as well as haters. Both were earned out of his cricket. He does not need to bow to these people including KKR for an opportunity to play. The world cup 2011 is in between and it will take it’s toll on players. He will have his chance again.

  8. Sushant Lawate

    Hey guys we need DADA’s back in IPL 4. Please don’t do this mistake to avoid DADA because he is a legend and finest player as well as great captain. So think about this.

  9. Saharsh Gupta

    Hey we don’t need dada we have much better players. Dada is history. However he was a good player.:-)

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