Kochi Tuskers players could be paraded in IPL auction

Cricketers belonging to the sacked Kochi Tuskers franchise may finally see light at the end of the tunnel when the Indian Premier League (IPL) governing council meets early next month.

A player auction is on the cards and the governing council is working on allowing franchisees an added purse to spend on Kochi cricketers, who will be put on sale once again.

Franchise officials recently met in Mumbai and discussed the idea of an added purse and the amount that should be allowed for spending when cricketers like Mahela Jayawardene, Muttiah Muralitharan, Ravindra Jadeja, S Sreesanth and others are brought up for auction again.

These players are yet to receive a small amount of their payments from the sacked Kochi franchise, while the majority of it was already compensated.

It is likely that there will be no further remuneration for these cricketers but instead the BCCI gave them an opportunity in the auction to earn their price.

The players who do not get sold in the auction will be compensated by the board from the money received through encashment of Kochi’s bank guarantee.

The amount for the added purse has not been finalised yet. Franchise officials who met recently came up with various budget caps ranging from $750,000 to $1 million and more but the final call will be taken only after the GC meet next month.

The franchises are also waiting for the GC to schedule the trading window as early as possible. Further, IPL’s 2012 and 2013 editions may see only nine teams participating and if the board feels the necessity to add a 10th team (replacing Kochi), it will happen only in 2014 or later.

One of the primary reasons for not having a 10th team in place is that the new team, if and when the auction happens, should be allowed a level-playing field as far as buying players are concerned.

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